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Published on February 21, 2012 by in Who this site is for


As you well know, parenthood is the hardest job there is. It demands the best you have to give 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Any other job requiring so much skill, knowledge and heart-felt effort would need years of extensive training. Unfortunately for parents, there is no such preparation.

This puts a tremendous amount of responsibility on your shoulders to read, learn, and do your best to raise the most precious gift you have to offer – your children. It’s no small task, and you can’t do it alone. As an educator with experience in the classroom as well as in the home, I completely understand. If you’re committed to learning the best possible ways to nurture your child’s growth and guide their behavior, you’re exactly the kind of person this site is designed to support.

Great parenting requires great love, patience, emotional awareness, and a desire to expand your toolbox of skills. At GrowingWithYourChild.com, you’ll find the resources you need to help you be the kind of parent you want to be.

Keep in mind that the content on this site is 100% responsive to what YOU want to learn. The more you ask questions, comment on blog posts and give me feedback about YOUR interests, the more I can craft this website’s content to your needs!

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