I recently brought up the following topic to a PTA discussion group:

When it comes to working with children:

Parents, what do you want teachers to consider?

Teachers, what do you want parents to consider?

Strengthening the bridge of communication between parents and teachers was an overwhelming theme in the discussion, as was mutual respect. With that in mind, here is a summary of the answers I received:

What Teachers Want Parent to Consider:

  • It helps significantly when parents have a positive attitude about education, and devise a family mission statement that values responsibility, respect, caring and lifelong learning.
  • I would like parents to realize that teachers are professionals and want the best for their children academically, socially, and emotionally.
  • It’s important for parents to communicate with teachers regularly about things happening outside of school. When teachers know about factors outside of school that are influencing children’s behavior, we are in a better position to support students’ academic and social-emotional growth.
  • I realize that it’s not a perfect world, and some parent-teacher relationships can be difficult; but I hope that parents remember that most teachers do what they do for the optimal benefit to their children.
  • The importance of letting children play, providing proper nutrition (which effects behavior), and getting to bed at a reasonable hour.

What Parents Want Teachers to Consider:

  • Mutual respect is really important. Teachers need to remember that parents are experts in their children, and that a better understanding of the child can be gained through really listening to what the parent is saying.
  • As a parent, I want my kids’ teachers to be open to change in their approaches…they should married to their ideals, not their methodology.
  • It’s difficult but necessary for teachers to keep parents in the loop and advise on what can be done at home that does NOT require helping with homework or trying to create elaborate learning activities.
  • When it comes to my child, I want the teacher to be aware of “my child” and her personality. I want the teacher to tailor the curriculum to her and not expect my daughter to just do things according to the “norm.”
  • The importance of giving enough homework, being fair, and keeping children in line.

What do you think? What do you want parents/teachers to consider?

Share your opinion below!

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