This video brings me to tears every time, in the best possible way. It moves and inspires me, and reminds me that despite all the crap I see going wrong in the world, there is also this. There is WE. 

Love, laughter, dancing, solidarity, good will, beauty interwoven into each moment, joy in the midst of suffering, people with genuinely good hearts who are doing everything they can to make this world a better place – from giving a hug to holding open a door to fighting oppression. This is our underlying and uniting strength.

Parents, what projects or activities can you and your children imagine doing together after watching this video? Brainstorm together, have fun and get creative! Oh, and please share what you come up with. The potential for great learning experiences (& thus the potential for greatness itself) is around every corner.

I’ll post shortly with ideas of my own, but first, the stage is yours.

How can you use this video as a launching pad for your family to learn together?

What can you imagine?

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