Top 3 Ways to Enrich Your Relationship

Published on February 27, 2012 by in Family Relationships


These three suggestions can be easy to say and challenging to do. When put into practice however, they are certain to enrich and expand any parent/child relationship.

  • Seize the teachable moments. Children are very curious beings who learn about themselves and the world primarily through play. Your excitement is contagious, and anything you’re interested in will draw them in. Take advantage of this! When adults are fully present and engaged, we can make almost any activity a fun opportunity to learn – even riding in the car or shopping at a grocery store.
  • Be fully present and involved in your kids’ lives. No matter how young or old, all people want to be heard and respected. Ask your children questions, listen to and value their ideas, nurture their interests, challenge their minds, cherish their imaginations and let them help you remember how to play.
  • Reflect on your practice as a parent. Practice is an important word here. Loving your children comes naturally; strong parenting skills are cultivated. By reflecting and keeping track of what has (and hasn’t) worked with your children in the past, you’ll have a better sense of what will work in the present and how to improve in the future.

There are many ways to enrich relationships with children, but in my experience these are the best places to begin. What would your top three suggestions be? Share your ideas and leave a comment below!

To hear stories of how I’ve incorporated these suggestions into my work with children, stay tuned for an upcoming podcast related to this post.

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