I completely agree that tests do not measure children’s most important strengths. Students often come to believe that their intelligence and self-worth equate to their grades, externalizing the rewards of learning and reducing them to the letters A, B, C, D or F.

The Fallacy of Good Grades (written by Marilyn Price-Mitchell, Ph.D.) is a wonderful article that describes internal strengths necessary for success in life that are NOT measured in today’s public school system.

“Whether or not you are a proponent of standardized testing or question the value of grades, there is a fallacy about grades and test scores that leads many parents to become complacent, particularly when their child is doing well at school. Children succeed in life for many reasons; grades do not guarantee success… the ability to be self-reflective, action-oriented, and connected to work that improves the lives of others [are important characteristics of success]. These skills cannot be measured in quantitative terms, nor are they easily compared through testing from one child to another.”

Parents, to learn what you can do to help your children flourish in a system that does not measure crucial qualities such as critical thinking and character development, click here to read Dr. Price-Mitchell’s full article.


What do you think about this article? How do you nurture your child’s character?

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