Moms’ Best Parenting Advice

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I have to share these. invited moms all over the country to share the smartest advice they’d ever gotten about raising kids for their 20th Anniversary Contest in May. Here are the top three entries:

*Drumroll please*

#3 – Jessica Rudolph, mom of Alyssa, 14; Ashley, 10; Aden, 19 months, Gilbert, AZ

Jessica’s advice: “If you have a crab, put it in water! If your child is crabby, put him in a bath, a pool, or even a sprinkler outside in the grass. Within minutes, your crab is gone!”

#2 – Susan Moran, mom of Sam and Ava, 2; Luke, 1, Chicago, Illinois

Susan’s advice: “Be yourself; let your children be themselves. I try to be true to the ‘me’ that was here before the kids: fun, easygoing, and patient. That can’t change just because they’ve spilled juice for the millionth time! I want my kids to know me, not some version of me who’s stressed out and exhausted. I take a minute and get back to ‘me’ before reacting to them.”

#1 – Grand Prize winner: Jillian Ezekiel, mom of Malka, 15 months, Flushing, NY

Jillian’s advice: “Follow the 80-20 rule: 80 percent of your interactions with your kids should be positive, and only 20 percent negative. That means a lot of compliments, encouragement, and humor (jokes count!). Negatives include impatience. Though my daughter is still young, I try to remember, as she grows and our family grows, the importance of a warm, positive home.”

What’s the best advice you ever gotten about raising kids?

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*Read more advice from moms in the full article

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