Meet Mo

My name is Maureen (Mo) Weinhardt, MS, and I’m the Early Childhood Specialist at the Children’s Creativity Museum in San Francisco.

For the past decade I’ve been fortunate to work with students of all ages. In so doing, I’ve learned a great deal about nurturing children throughout the arc of their physical, cognitive and social-emotional development.

To my utter delight, my life as a professional educator was forever changed in 2007 when I turned my focus toward early childhood education. I began working as a toddler and preschool teacher, and shortly thereafter became the head Kindergarten teacher while completing my Master’s degree.

Young children’s creativity, curiosity, playfulness and sponge-like ability to learn and explore inspires me to this day. To be a nurturing and educational force in kids’ lives is a great gift, and to pay that forward I pour my own love of learning and play into everything I do as an educator. (It helps having countless little teachers showing me something new every day!)

On I share what I’ve discovered about child development, behavior and learning over the past ten years. Each new blog post aims to expand the parental “toolbox” of skills and knowledge, with the hope of helping parents to strengthen family relationships and support their children’s growth.

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