Friday Funny: Why Are You Doing That??

Published on January 4, 2013 by in Friday Funny


~Bill Watterson

Kids do ridiculous things that can drive adults absolutely nuts. We demand to know, What are you doing? Why?? and yet kids rarely have a clue as to their motivation. These questions come largely out of our own exasperation, and 99% of the time don’t result in an adequate or logical answer. Often, it’s just because they can.

Things like planning ahead and assessing risk are not neurological strengths bestowed upon the young, but they will definitely give you great stories to tell once your blood pressure is back to normal!

True confessions: I used to peel the wallpaper next to my bed, and jump off my backyard tree house for fun. It was all fun and games until I ran out of wallpaper and broke an ankle! I guess some things we just have to learn the hard way…

What did you do as a kid just because you could? What have your kids done?

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