I know that I’ve said this a million times already, but it’s important enough to say a million times more: Attention is absolute sunshine for children. What we give our attention to is what we reinforce. When adults interact with little girls and the first thing that comes out of our mouths is consistently something […]

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What is social-emotional learning (SEL)? Although it may sound like bliggity-blah jargon, social-emotional learning can help you help your children (and your self) in significant ways. There’s a great deal of overlap between social-emotional learning and mindfulness: they are both about paying attention. SEL is a process of learning life skills, including: –> Emotional regulation […]

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What is Mindfulness?

Published on January 16, 2013 by in Education, Family Relationships, Mindfulness


In a nutshell, mindfulness is the practice of paying attention. We often move through our days robotically, multi-tasking and running on autopilot. For example, have you ever been so lost in thought that you drove someplace and couldn’t remember the details of how you got there? People say that time travel isn’t possible, but I […]

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