Play is absolutely elemental to how children learn. This is something that Dr. Alison Gopnik knows well. Author of The Philosophical Baby, The Scientist in the Crib and other influential books on cognitive development, Dr. Gopnik is a professor of psychology and philosophy at the University of California at Berkeley. Through the partnership between the Children’s Creativity Museum […]

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The word ‘intelligence’ has a large umbrella of meaning. As founder of the Multiple Intelligence Theory, here is *Howard Gardner’s definition:   “The ability to create an effective product or offer a service that is valued in a culture A set of skills that make it possible for a person to solve problems in life […]

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Does your child have an affinity for music? Do they enjoy creating buildings and cities with Legos? Are they strong mediators who work well in groups? What about you? When I was young, intelligence meant having all the right answers. (At least that’s the definition I internalized). It had little to do with creativity or […]

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