Building Literacy Skills with Dialogic Reading

Transform reading into an engaging activity that brings your child into the action!

Dialogic Reading is a technique that turns reading into an interactive process involving thought, imagination and discussion. It’s a shared reading experience that engages children directly by inviting questions, encouraging conversation, and shifting the roles of ‘reader’ and ‘listener’ so that children become storytellers as well. This process builds literacy skills by improving vocabulary, letter/number recognition, story comprehension and critical thinking skills.

This hands-on workshop teaches basic dialogic reading techniques, including:

  • How to choose appropriate books and stories
  • Ways to read dynamically with children
  • CROWD questions (what they are & why they’re important)
  • Going deeper: ways to incorporate skill-building activities based on stories

Hook your kids on reading, and nurture their lifelong love of books and storytelling!

To schedule a workshop or speaking engagement about Building Literacy Skills with Dialogic Reading, contact

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