Back to School Success for Parents & Kids

Published on August 7, 2013 by in Back to School


If you listen carefully, you might hear a quietly familiar “whoosh” in early September as parents breathe a collective sigh of relief. The transition back into the school year might be welcomed and easy for parents, but how can we better support kids through this change in schedules and expectations?

Summer is a much-needed break from the academic demands placed on kids throughout the school year, and with September comes a shift back to greater structure. This is a major adjustment for kids, and there are many things parents can do to smooth out this back-to-school transition.”

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Learn how to…

  • Navigate the Transition from Freedom to Structure
  • Organize Kids’ Work Space and School Materials
  • Get Back Into the Learning Groove!


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One Response to “Back to School Success for Parents & Kids”

  1. ShoorvirS Major says:

    We should endeavour to organise environments at home and school such that the transition is from:-

    FREEDOM to FREEDOM for the ‘CHILDHOOD phase’ (03-10yrs);

    STRUCTURED to STRUCTURED for the ‘YOUTH age’ phase (12-22yrs).

    Here, level of ‘RESPONSIBILITY’ shouldered by the child is associated with the words FREEDOM and STRUCTURED.

    This is possible in cultures where a child starts getting associated with the worklife of elders,as early as possible and where the elders too accept the child as MENTORS.

    For a child in such social setups KNOWLEDGE (learning at schools-classrooms), and WORK (experience-responsibility), add to growth of his INTELLIGENCE. A MOTIVATIONAL factor for further LEARNING.

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