After a very busy couple of months, I am pleased to turn my attention back to Growing With Your Child!

*Whew* — glad to be back. Now, to pick up where I left off.

Have you heard of Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences?

In short, it states that people have different aptitudes when it comes to how we learn best. We are stronger in some areas over others – for example, some people have a way with words while others are masters of physical coordination. This has fantastic implications when in comes to teaching and learning:

When we know children’s preferred learning styles, we can teach to their strengths and interests.

I’ve gotten loads of questions from curious parents on this topic, and now it’s time to get more in-depth. To help answer these queries, the following series of blog posts will explain what the theory is, how to identify the different intelligences, and how you can use this information to support your child’s growth. Stay tuned for Friday’s post, which will give a more comprehensive overview of Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory.


How would you describe Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences? How has this information helped you and your child? Share your story as a comment!

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