In my last blog post I invited parents to imagine different learning activities they could do with kids using this amazing video as a launch pad. Here I’ll share some ideas I’ve come up with for different age groups:

Toddlers – Kindergarten

  • Talk about the video with your child. What did they like about it? Why do they think Matt danced his way around the world? What affect did he have?
  • Make up your own funny/funky family dance & record it!
  • Help your child make up a story where they (or a fictional character) dance around the world. Where do they go? Why are they doing it? Who do they meet? How are they different after their great adventure? (Kids can illustrate this story)

Elementary – Middle School

  • What are small ways to bring people together that involve smiling, laughter, and maybe even some dancing? Brainstorm, find small acts of kindness (or weirdness) we can do to pass on joy to others
  • Get a large world map (or globe), and find/mark all of the places Matt travels to in this video. Could even follow his journey with yarn, like connect-the-dots
  • Create a collage of pictures from these different places (label landmarks & important people)
  • Choose one of the different countries Matt travels to, and find neat recipes from that culture that you & the kids can try making together (explore relationships with food)
  • Read stories/fairy tales from different cultures, compare with what your child has grown up with (How are they similar? Different? What are these stories trying to teach?)

High School

  • This video could honestly launch into major project-oriented learning in a variety of subjects including history, literature, politics, sociology, current events, geography, creative writing, anthropology, dance, social media, & more. If you’re interested in discussing ways to do this, contact me and I’ll be happy to help.

The ideas I’ve listed for younger children will also work well with older kids, this is really just a starting point for more creative brainstorming.

What do you think? What ideas do you and your kids have? Share what you come up with, it’s a great way to learn with one another!

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