Disciplining children is tricky business, and parents often find it helpful to integrate tips from teachers who have been around the block. Although parents and classroom teachers work with kids in different contexts, the same behavior management techniques can be used to great effect.

The following is an article from parenting.com, and offers helpful ideas about managing children’s behavior when the following situations come up:

  • When they’re acting up
  • When they’re not listening
  • How to prevent misbehaving (as much as humanly possible)

I love that the article begins with a short story about redirection:

“As I sat on a teeny-tiny chair reading to Vivian in her kindergarten classroom, I noticed her teacher, Debbie, do something that made my jaw drop. “David called me ‘liar liar pants on fire!’ and he didn’t stop!” one boy reported to Debbie. Debbie took David’s hand and said, “Come over here and help me make sure I have enough milk for snack.”

That’s why Debbie is Debbie and I’m a mess. In one simple move, she removed him from the conflict, distracted him from the joy of teasing, gave him attention he obviously needed (but not the kind of negative attention he may be used to), and made him feel like a useful part of the class, rather than a fringe kid who only gets noticed when he razzes others. That would never have occurred to me.”

To read the full article, click here.

What do you do when your child acts up or isn’t listening?

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