Lifelong Learners

We want children to be lifelong learners. We want to stoke curiosity, encourage creativity, to learn through hands-on discovery, to grow in and with community…

We want to shift the educational emphasis toward creatively exploring questions over passively memorizing answers.

We want to nurture children’s innate excitement about learning, because lifelong learners never stop evolving, adapting, and making a difference.

It’s the key to growth of any kind.

To grow with a child is to grow as a reflective adult. It’s the embodiment of lifelong learning. Discovering more about how children develop and their unique learning styles is important to both parents and educators — so is noticing circumstances that trigger us emotionally, and finding new ways to respond (instead of react!) that support both ourselves and the children.

At its core mindful parenting is about doing one’s best to be an intentional and reflective person, and applying that practice to family relationships. My perspective on guiding children comes from years of practice as a mindful educator, and draws from my experiences teaching in the classroom, working one-on-one with families, and as the Early Childhood Specialist at the Children’s Creativity Museum in San Francisco.

This website is a community of support for every adult who values lifelong learning and cares about setting children up for success. I invite all of you – parents and educators alike – to join me in exploring the art of mindful parenting together. There is so much our collective experience has to offer. Please share your ideas, questions and experiences on this site – your voice is a gift!

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