Lifelong Learners

The art of great parenthood hinges on lifelong learning. To get better at anything we do requires a willingness to try new things. If you have that, there is little you cannot accomplish in any aspect of your life – particularly as a parent.
It’s the key to growth of any kind.

Learning more about how your child develops combined with their unique learning style is only half the story. The rest of growing with your child is actually learning about yourself. It’s intentionally noticing those places where you get stuck or frustrated, and finding new ways to respond that support both you and your child.

Much like teaching, football or playing the piano, parenting takes practice. If we’re not finding ways to improve our knowledge, skills and techniques, the amount of time we spend doing these things doesn’t make much difference. Besides, this stuff is fun! What parent wouldn’t want a stronger relationship with their child? Who doesn’t want a household with less stress, fewer arguments and more laughter, love and calm in their place? The payoff is  worth the effort.

Each one of you has a unique perspective on children and parenting. You have valuable experiences to draw on, and I invite you to join me in exploring the art of mindful parenting together. Please share your ideas, questions and experiences on this site – there is much we can learn from one another, and your voice is a gift!

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